Manchester is one of those places which has a huge diversity and amazing range of venues for the people who are shopping enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, shopping can be termed as another name for Manchester and it won’t be wrong doing so. Today we are going to enumerate the reasons behind Manchester being a shopping hotspot, and hence we’re here by providing an array of reasons. As a result of that, we are providing a guide which will take you to the best of the shopping spots in the city of Manchester, and our guide incorporates the spots where you can find the best of clothing, antiques and food. To top it all, you can even shop a companion for yourself in the city through Manchester Escort agencies.

Manchester’s city centre is a totally refreshing amalgamation of independent shops and high-street stores, and to complement them well, designer boutiques outlets are also there.

Have a taste of shopping at City-centre fashion

City centre fashion came into prominence in 1996. Over the time, this amazing venue of the city centre has took a new phase into one of the town’s most loved shopping streets. Harvey Nichols is a prime attraction of it which is placed at 21 New Cathedral Street, which is a Selfridges. Apart from that, it is also enriched with the Arndale Centre which hosts high-street stores galore, like Top shop, River Island and Monsoon.

Apart from that, the striking shopping outlets on King Street were the venues to be at for designer clothes, but very recently the stores have been shifted to the Avenue in the area of Spinning fields.

Enjoy roaming around the Food markets

Manchester’s Arndale Market which is very aptly placed at entrance area of High Street. They put their best foot forward in selling the fresh fishes of a huge range of types types, multiple varieties of cheeses and different types of meats and it is very much renowned for providing a nice food hall where people rest their ass in a relaxed frame of mind and get a taste of exotic and continental cuisines from all over the globe, which mainly caters for Mexican, Greek, Jamaican, Indian, Chinese and Italian.

Manchester is definitely a destination to be at for every tourist and shopaholic, and you just got the reasons on your fingertips for that doing. And it would be even better than great if you have a company with you while making your presence felt at these locations. But if you are single traveler who believes in flying all alone, then there is Manchester Escort Service for your help as well.  For a companion who could make you fall in love with their amazing aura, Cheap Manchester Escorts can be contacted. So do visit Manchester this summer and enjoy its lavish diversity for shopaholics.

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